It is that time of the year again. The time for welcoming Christmas in our homes and lives. For some it is the most favourite holiday season, for others it can become a real struggle because… what on earth are you buying your loved ones?

Remember: it is all about being with the people you care for and making memories, the presents are a nice extra and it is always the thought that matters.

Personally, I find the whole Christmassy vibe really great and it always gives me a warm feeling when I see all the lights and decorations in my hometown and everywhere I go. An absolute must for me to do on an annual base is to visit a Christmas market. Apart from the one in my hometown, I like to travel to Germany and visit a market over there. The Germans definitely go all out with decoration, food and traditions.

This year it was time to go to the Christmas market in Aachen, which is one of the most famous ones in Germany. It is located directly at the market square and you can find loads of stands offering goodies and of course.. glühwein (also known as mulled wine)! I went with two of my friends. Girl time + glühwein = a successful evening 😉

However, you don’t need a Christmas market to have a good sip of glühwein. Therefore I would like to share a recipe which is inspired by Jamie Oliver’s, with a hint of myself. So I left out some ingredients and added some others.

What do you need? 
(The recipe is good for 10 servings)
-2 bottles of red wine
-200 grams caster sugar
-6 cloves
-1 cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder
-2 oranges (not mandatory)
-dark rum

How to?
Cut the oranges into small wedges. Next, pour the red wine in a big pan and add the sugar, cloves, and cinnamon to your taste. Steer the substance and add the orange wedges. Heat the mixture slowly on a low fire and certainly don’t let it cook! (The alcohol will evaporate and that’s a total waste 😉 ) Personally, I like to add a hint of dark rum to make it more tasty and stronger. Imagine walking into your house after being out in the cold… The touch of rum will help you warm up!

Which is your favourite Christmas market? And do you like glühwein?

Happy holidays!!

Hasta luego.