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december 2015

Bye bye 2015. The rest is still unwritten!

Time has never flown by so quick as this year. I remember myself last year at this very day as if it was yesterday. By then I was looking to learn more about myself and find out about myself. Am I done learning? Absolutely not. Continue reading “Bye bye 2015. The rest is still unwritten!”

My love for East Europe: Krakow

To close my 2015 book and end it with a bang, I decided to book my last trip of the year, to Krakow. Ever since I visited Prague and Budapest, I am obsessed with East Europe. Continue reading “My love for East Europe: Krakow”

Ho Ho ho! It’s time for glühwein

It is that time of the year again. The time for welcoming Christmas in our homes and lives. For some it is the most favourite holiday season, for others it can become a real struggle because… what on earth are you buying your loved ones? Continue reading “Ho Ho ho! It’s time for glühwein”

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