Ever since I lived in Paris, I established a great interest in modern art and photography. With all the amazing museums and galleries in the city of lights, I was spoiled with all the creativity. Since that period of my life, I will always look for these inspirational places wherever I am and especially when I travel.

For that reason, I am happy that the annual World Press Photo exhibition pays my city a visit. Obviously I had to see it this year as well. Just how I imagine a perfect Sunday afternoon to be: coffee, a good friend and creativity.

Why do I like photography so much? Photos capture one particular moment. However, the memory and story behind the picture last. I also like that you can interpret photographs differently when you don’t know the background story and this is definitely something I really like to do as well. Simply focussing on the picture and allowing my imagination to create a scenery.
It also keeps intriguing me how much emotion you can put into a picture and transmit this emotion to the audience.

World Press Photo is a foundation, which promotes and supports the development of visual journalists. It all started as a contest in 1955, set up by a group of Dutch photographers. The purpose of this contest was to expose their work to colleagues on an international scale. This contest has grown rapidly and is now considered to be one of the most prestigious awards in photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. The annual exhibition, organized by the foundation, is visited by more than 3.5 million people worldwide.

To read more about this incredible initiative, visit the website.

I handpicked some of my favourite photos of this exhibition, which you can see below.

20151101_163431Photo by Liu Song (China) – Title: Accused
Second prize singles in the Portraits category

20151101_161208Photo by Christian Ziegler (Germany) – Title: Vegetables With An Attitude
Second prize Stories in the Nature category

20151101_162140Photo by Bulent Kilic (Turkey) – Title: Istanbul Protest
First price Singles in the Spot News category

20151101_161509Photo by Sergei Ilnitsky (Russia) – Title: Conquering Speed
Second prize Singles in the Sports category

20151101_162521Photo by Darcy Padilla (USA) – Title: Family Love
First prize in the category Long Term Projects

20151101_161343Left photo by Yongzhi Chu (China) – Title: Monkey Training for a Circus
First prize Singles in the Nature category
Right photo by Ami Vitale (USA) – Title: Orphaned Rhino
Second prize Singles in the Nature category

20151101_162737Photo by Michele Palazzi (Italy) – Title: Mongolia, Black Gold Hotel
First price Series in the category Daily Life

20151101_163008The absolute winner: World Press Photo of the Year!
Photo by: Mads Nissen (Denmark) – Title: Jon and Alex
First prize Singles in the category Contemporary Issues

Hasta luego!